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Novello Award 2024


9th Edition • “Artificial Intelligence”

The Novello Award is the international humour and satire competition named after the famous cartoonist Giuseppe Novello, born in Codogno in 1897.

The Award was launched for the first time in 2001 on the proposal of the Rotary Club and is organized by the Municipality of Codogno, with the patronage of the Province of Lodi, the Lombardy Region and the Department for Digital Transformation of the Prime Minister’s Office of the Italian Republic.

The 9th edition of the Award has arrived! This year’s competition is entirely modelled on a very current theme: artificial intelligence.

This year, the competition is completely renewed, opening its doors to participants of all ages from every corner of the world and with prizes of up to 1,500 euros.

Are you an artist? Draw us what you think!

Don’t be afraid to raise your voice through your trait, to make yourself known even if you’re not in the profession.

May your creation become a manifesto of humour. It may be original, and intelligent, may it entertain us and maybe even open our eyes. Grab the pen, hold the brush, press the button and choose your technique. We don’t care which one: may your artistic spirit be set free!

The prizes are just the culmination of the journey you will give us by exploring your creative genius: a way to say thank you.

The Artistic Direction

The Competition

Theme and method of participation

The theme chosen for the 9th edition of the Novello Award is Artificial Intelligence. We ask participants to interpret the potential, risks and inconveniences linked to the use of new technologies capable of reproducing activities and thoughts that until recently we would have believed to be of exclusive human relevance.

Participation is open to professional and non-professional artists of any age, even minors. Registration is free and requires filling out an online form with the submission of only one work per participant.

All admitted works will be visible on this site and can be voted on by the jury and the public from 9th May to 9th September 2024.

All about Novello Award


Find out who will evaluate the competing works! We have created a Jury 2.0, made up of artists and professionals from different sectors.

We believe that the diversity of background of each juror, combined with the wealth of opinions and different sensitivities on the topic of Artificial Intelligence guarantees a more objective and inclusive evaluation of the works.

But not only that, you can explore the winners of the eight previous editions and take a leap into the past by discovering the life of our Giuseppe Novello.

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Novello Award – International Humor & Satire Award

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