Giuseppe Novello’s intelligent humor in discovering the monuments of Italy. Entitled “A journey through monuments with Beppo Novello’s plates and Paolo Monelli’s articles,” the exhibition that from Feb. 3 to Feb. 11 at the Old Soave Hospital in Codogno will display sixty-two plates drawn by Novello and complemented by the articles of writer Monelli, published in 1932 in the Gazzetta del Popolo of Turin as an ironic reportage of that journey made by the two illustrious friends in search of Italy’s ugliest monuments.

Sponsored by the Municipality of Codogno, the exhibition is promoted by PRO LOCO Codogno, the FAI Delegation of Lodi and the Maria Corti Foundation of the University of Pavia and has the support of Liceo Giuseppe Novello, Liceo Artistico Callisto Piazza of Lodi and the Centro di Formazione Professionale-Casalpusterlengo.