Elena Verdelli
Artistic Director

Born and resident in Lodi since 1981. After various experiences in consultancy, she landed in the banking institution where she currently works, dealing with Digital Marketing.

The humorous drawing represents her artistic passion, developed independently since she was a child, but never made a real profession until recently. Among her legends are Brian Froud, Eric Salch and Heidi’s grandfather.

Through the Instagram page “@caliceddi” she publishes cartoons on the vices and virtues of the people of Lodi and their elected representatives.

She collaborates with the newspaper “Il Cittadino” in the insert dedicated to children “Tarantasio” in which she draws “The page of @caliceddi”.

For the BPL Foundation, you illustrated the 2023 Agenda with the theme “Scattered Peace” and the 2024 Agenda in which you revisited the municipal heraldry in a satirical key.

For the Municipality of Lodi, you created the cover of “Fatti di Costituzione”, dedicated to new adults.

In December 2022 she set up the first personal exhibition “Cumun Cumun de Lod”, with over 200 cartoons on display and a humorous installation dedicated to the city’s roads, made entirely with her daughters’ toys. The initiative raised funds to support two classes at the Barzaghi Elementary School.

She dedicates a lot of time to fantasy.

As soon as she can, she will take refuge in the woods, in a cabin far from civilization.


Stefano Massaro
Director of Communications

Born in 1975, in Lodi, for over 25 years he has managed an agency specialized in integrated communication between the different branches of the sector: graphics and image, marketing, creation and management of websites and social networks, photo and video shooting and editing, press office, spin doctor, team manager, public relations, coordination of events and supplies.

He has collaborated with institutions, commercial and entrepreneurial activities, companies and associations active in the most disparate fields and has also managed electoral campaigns for political figures at all levels. He recently created a series of postcards and signed a stamp issued by Poste Italiane, dedicated to Codogno 2023 – European Municipality of Sport. He contributed to the relaunch, taking care of various aspects of the image, of the historic Codogno fair starting from the 217th edition.

Together with his passion for graphics and communication, in which he specialized in his studies, he loves art, and paints, and is interested in any form of creative expression which he delves into and experiments with whenever he has the opportunity.

He has also gained extensive journalistic experience. In 2010 he founded the online newspaper “Lodi Notizie” of which he is currently director. He was an art director and graphic designer for multiple free press productions.

His profession is first and foremost a passion. The promotion and enhancement of customers’ image is based on solutions and strategies adapted to every sensitivity and every objective, in the belief that communication only occurs if “in addition to the message, there is also an additional soul” (H. Bergson).


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