Codogno, Feb. 3, 2024 – The Organizing Committee of the International Competition for cartoonists, professional and amateur, named after Codogno artist Giuseppe Novello, is pleased to announce the start of an event with the makings of an unprecedented success.

There are already more than 50, just a dozen days after the website went online,, participants in the ninth edition of the Novello Prize, demonstrating a worldwide interest in this competition, with entries coming from different countries: from Italy to Greece, passing through Cuba and Colombia, Brazil and Argentina, to Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Montenegro, Belgium, and even Egypt, Turkey and Algeria.

Artistic director Elena Verdelli and communications director Stefano Massaro state that “the competition immediately got into full swing, confirming the Novello Prize as an important showcase for diverse artistic talents. We already have a significant preview of the diversity and originality of the works, also because of the highly topical theme chosen for the competition, artificial intelligence.”

“Our best expectations have been exceeded, with the rich membership of creators ranging in their works from subtle irony to bitter comedy. The review has the premises to establish itself as a point of reference in the global cartoon scene.”

The Codogno Municipal Administration addresses heartfelt thanks to the contestants: “The enthusiasm and quality of the works fill us with confidence in the success of the contest. I sincerely thank all the artists who have registered in these early days and remind those who would like to participate that it is possible to do so until next April 30, in the “Senior” or “Junior” category, for competitors under 18 years of age.”

“The competition will continue with exciting developments that will make the artistic journey even more compelling,” guarantees the Organizing Committee.

Competition contacts: – – Tel. 0377 314234