Enrico Occupati “Kutoshi Kimimo”

Born fifty years ago in Florence, now resident for years in Bergamo, he is a self-taught cartoonist and illustrator. He has collaborated since 2010 with the satirical monthly “Il Vernacoliere – Livornocronaca”  where he published political and humorous cartoons.

He is one of the authors of the “The Cartoon Movement” circuit, which brings together authors from all over the world and mainly publishes international political satire cartoons. He is part of the “Cartoonists for the Constitution” group, active on the web but also present with exhibitions in the area (“Dissecrate family”, Bologna, 2020).

He creates cartoons for “Kotiomkin” and is one of the authors of the “SputnInk Collective”, with which satirical cartoons are published daily. With the same collective, he collaborated with the magazine “Left” and published the comic “Stories from another space” (Poliniani Editore, 2021). He is among the authors of “Acidus”, a satirical group that for years has been producing the radio broadcast “Acidus Scorie – Satire alla radio” broadcast on some Roman and Ligurian web radios.

He signs with the pseudonym Kutoshi Kimimo, a fake Japanese transposition of his first name, Enrico.

Francesco Cancellato

He is the editor-in-chief of the online newspaper Fanpage.it. From December 2014 to September 2019 he was director of the online newspaper Linkiesta.it.

He is the author of “Fattore G. Perché i tedeschi hanno ragione” (UBE, 2016), “Né sfruttati né bamboccioni. Risolvere la questione generazionale per salvare l’Italia” (Egea, 2018) and “Il Muro. 15 storie dalla fine della guerra fredda” (Egea, 2019).

Andrea “Style1” Antoni

Also known as “the graphic designer who searches for Pantone colors in the world” thanks to his photographic project #STAILtone, which has become a global trend topic, bringing his profile to over 72K followers, in recent years he has made himself known thanks to his Instagram profile @ CoseBrutteImpaginateBelle and the daily stories known as “La Situa”, which led him to create a community of over 320K followers.

Graduated in Multimedia Sciences and Technologies in Pordenone, he collaborated in various graphic studios of important companies in Friuli Venezia Giulia, before starting to work as a freelancer.

He currently works as an art director, teacher and graffiti-writer; has collaborated with important companies such as GoPro, Samsung, Swatch, Sprite and Adobe, just to name a few. After the books “Find your identity on Instagram and share unique photos” and “Instagram: community and creativity” (Dario Flaccovio Editore), he recently published “Theory of contemporary discomfort” (il Saggiatore Ed).

Erika De Giglio “Ekra”

Erika De Giglio was born and lives in Milan. Her love for drawing led her to decide from an early age what her profession would be.

She undertook artistic studies and specialized in comics and illustration at the School of Comics in Milan. She becomes an illustrator and colourist for Italian and foreign publishing houses, she creates humorous cartoons for Airc and Roba Da Donne.

Francesco D’Isa

Francesco D'Isa

With a background in philosophy and as a digital artist, embarked on his professional journey through exhibitions in galleries and contemporary art centers both in Italy and internationally. He has showcased his work in both solo and joint exhibitions at places like the Luisa Catucci Gallery in Berlin (2011), La Portineria in Florence (2023), MioMao Gallery in Perugia (2010), and the Museum of Porn in Art in Zurich (2010).

From 2007 to 2011, he established and oversaw the international artist collective, Pornsaints, exhibiting globally in venues such as the Sexy Art Gallery in Amsterdam, Museum of Porn in Art in Zurich, Birdhouse Gallery in Austin, A&D Gallery in London, Galerie Zero in Berlin, and at the Hotmovies.com Grand Gala in Philadelphia.

Parallel to his artistic ventures, Francesco also teaches graphic and digital art. In 2012, he expanded his horizons from visual art to embrace narrative and essay writing, retaining a central visual motif. After launching his career in literature with the graphic novel “I.” (Nottetempo, 2011), he went on to author essays and novels for publishers like Hoepli, effequ, Tunué, and Newton Compton. His recent novel, “La Stanza di Therese” was published by Tunué in 2017, followed by the philosophical treatise “L’assurda evidenza” for Edizioni Tlon in 2022. In 2023, alongside Adriano Ercolani, he penned the essay “Introduzione alla meditazione” published by Edizioni Tlon.

Since 2015, Francesco has been at the helm as the editorial director of the cultural journal L’Indiscreto, a collaboration with Galleria Pananti in Florence, Olschki, and Aboca. He’s contributed philosophical pieces to a range of publications, not limited to Philosophy Now (UK), The Philosophical Salon (USA), Los Angeles Review of Books (USA), and various Italian outlets like Il Tascabile, Kobo, L’Indiscreto, Philosophy Kitchen, Voyages, The Italian Review, and Il Post. His philosophical and artistic explorations delve into topics of metaphysics, language, artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, mysticism, and the philosophy of religions. At the heart of his eclectic repertoire is a commitment to a skeptical philosophy and a form of nominalist mysticism, aiming to dissect the boundaries of language and spark paradoxical insights into the realm of transcendence.

In 2005, Francesco developed a keen interest in the theoretical and creative facets of artificial intelligence. However, by 2023, he made a pronounced return to his artistic roots. He is soon to release an essay on art and artificial intelligence with Sossella.

Francesco Lanza

Born in 1977 near Rome and raised in Lodi, Francesco Lanza initially undertook classical studies before developing a deep passion for information technology, a field in which he began working in the late 1990s. During his career as a systems administrator in the banking, insurance and industrial sectors, he has cultivated a particular interest in the impact of information technology on human behavior.

One of his unique passions is computer antiques, which Francesco considers a key to understanding future evolutions of technology. His historical perspective allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the field.

In 2015, he participated as a speaker at the International Journalism Festival, where he shared his reflections on the topic of fake news, a topic of growing relevance in the digital age.

But there is one thing that Francesco really can’t stand: talking about himself. To avoid such torture, he decided to have an artificial intelligence write this biography, because, after all, who better than a machine to understand a man who has spent a lifetime conversing with them?

Lorenzo Rinaldi

Born in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano on 21 August 1981, he graduated in Political Sciences from the University of Pavia. He then obtained a master’s degree in political economy and international institutions at the University of Pavia

Since 2007 he has been a professional journalist and since January 2020 he has become director of the newspaper “il Cittadino” in Lodi.

He is a member of the National Council of the Federation of Catholic Weeklies and director of the bimonthly “Il Ponte” di Sant’Angelo Lodigiano.

Claudio Signoroni “Willy”

Aka “Willy”, he is a cartoonist, cartoonist and illustrator. He has been drawing the comics “Cucciolo e Tiramolla” (Edizioni Alpe) for some time.

His comic books: “Gigi il pendolare”, “Laudiadi”, “Il grande albero”, “Vi racconto la Logistica”, “Una banchina a cinque stelle”, “Quattro passi per la biodiversità” e “L’agricoltura lodigiana”.

He won the prize of the “Cartoons Museum” international exhibition (Rho, 1971) and the public prize, participating in the Giuseppe Novello International Prize for Humor and Satire in 2010.

Federico Gaudenzi

34 years old, he has always lived in Lodi, although he would like to escape on a sailing boat. He started working as a journalist at the newspaper “Il Cittadino” at the age of 20, covering news (mainly), culture (a little less), and sport (for a period). In the meantime, he graduated in Philosophy, with a three-year thesis in Philosophy of Science which is undoubtedly the best thing he has written.

He has published a few times in other newspapers, learned to film, made a small documentary and created videos for many different realities. He wrote a book for charity and worked on Raimon Panikkar’s complete works as a proofreader and translator.

He became editor and created the children’s insert “Tarantasio”, in living memory the first children’s newspaper published by a local newspaper, taking care of the organisation, layout and contents (together with a small but fierce group of journalists and illustrators), and the creation of a comic page focused on the investigations of a journalist dog: a way to try to introduce children to graphic journalism.

Paola Negrini

Born in Lodi Vecchio, lives and works in Lodi. She has a degree in Business Economics with a focus on Marketing and a degree in Law. After a brief experience as a teacher, she joined Banca Popolare di Lodi (now Banco BPM) where, since 1991, she began to deal with marketing, communication and event organisation.

Since 2009 she has worked at the Banca Popolare di Lodi Foundation and, after having contributed to the start of the exhibition activity, she became responsible for cultural activities. She follows the editorial series dedicated to the artistic and natural peculiarities of the Lodi area and is responsible for the Bipielle Arte exhibition hall and the Arte in Atrio exhibition.

She takes care of the organization of conferences for the Foundation and organizes exhibitions and events, including national and international ones, which over the years have attracted thousands of visitors to Lodi.

She takes care of online communication and the Facebook and Instagram pages of Fondazione Banca Popolare di Lodi and Bipielle Arte. In 2022, for her activities promoting art and culture, she received a certificate of civic merit from the Municipality of Lodi.

Silvia Salamina

Since 2021 he has been Culture and Library Councillor of the Municipality of Codogno. He gave birth to Consulta della Cultura Comunale (Municipal Culture Council), to which associations in the area adhere with the aim of having a single and authoritative spokesperson for the city’s artistic and cultural world, giving space within it to the voices and needs of individual Societies and Associations. As a result, the Consulta has carried out numerous events to involve the citizenry.

It has supported initiatives both in the cultural sphere (such as ad hoc musical moments during the fall fair period) and in the educational sphere through reading promotion projects at schools, promoted by the Civic Library also with the help of external partners.

In addition to involving the younger part of the population in various projects, it has also promoted events for the benefit of the elderly, including guests of nursing homes.

Elena Verdelli “Caliceddi” and Stefano Massaro

Also part of the jury are the Artistic Director of the Novello Prize Elena Verdelli (president of the jury) and the Director of Communication Stefano Massaro

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