Novello is making the rounds, registration open until April 30

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Codogno - April 4, 2024 - The Giuseppe Novello International Satire and Humor Prize is reaching a significant milestone. From all corners of the globe, participants from some 40 nations, from Indonesia to South America, from Russia to Canada, are contributing to the success of the competition. Indeed, with more than 150 entrants to date, the prestigious competition curated by the City of Codogno continues to prove its attractiveness and international relevance. Entries are still open and artists are invited to submit their work exclusively online by April 30, 2024. After the closing of entries, the online voting phase

In Arte Mutamus, Bianchini’s works on display until March 21

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Codogno - Eclectic artist Pietro Bianchini brings his sculpture exhibition "In arte mutamus" to Codogno, as a side event of the "Giuseppe Novello International Prize for Humor and Satire," exploring the creative power of ready-made and the reuse of objects otherwise destined for the landfill to make works with an ironic flavor. The exhibition, which will take place at the Sala Santelli of the Codogno Town Hall from March 16 to 21, is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the fascinating and provocative world of contemporary art. Pietro Bianchini, known for his ability to transform common materials into works

Video – On display at Soave until Feb. 11, 2024

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Giuseppe Novello's intelligent humor in discovering the monuments of Italy. Entitled "A journey through monuments with Beppo Novello's plates and Paolo Monelli's articles," the exhibition that from Feb. 3 to Feb. 11 at the Old Soave Hospital in Codogno will display sixty-two plates drawn by Novello and complemented by the articles of writer Monelli, published in 1932 in the Gazzetta del Popolo of Turin as an ironic reportage of that journey made by the two illustrious friends in search of Italy's ugliest monuments. Sponsored by the Municipality of Codogno, the exhibition is promoted by PRO LOCO Codogno, the FAI

Novello Prize: competition starts with entries from around the world

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Codogno, Feb. 3, 2024 - The Organizing Committee of the International Competition for cartoonists, professional and amateur, named after Codogno artist Giuseppe Novello, is pleased to announce the start of an event with the makings of an unprecedented success. There are already more than 50, just a dozen days after the website went online,, participants in the ninth edition of the Novello Prize, demonstrating a worldwide interest in this competition, with entries coming from different countries: from Italy to Greece, passing through Cuba and Colombia, Brazil and Argentina, to Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Montenegro, Belgium, and even Egypt, Turkey

Giuseppe Novello, pioneer of satire of manners

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He is considered one of the pioneers of costume satire in our country, even though Giuseppe Novello (Codogno, 1897-1988), the son of a bank manager, was set on a clerical career from a young age, despite the fact that his mother's brother, Giorgio Belloni, was an artist of some renown. As a young man, Giuseppe frequented his uncle's studio and, after a degree taken to please his father, in 1919 he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and began a career as a painter, devoting himself to landscapes and figurative portraits of an academic nature, exhibited

Artificial intelligence won an art contest, is that wrong?

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Colorado, Aug. 29, 2022. An institutionally supported art competition announces the names of winning works and authors. Nothing excessive, this is an event that does not in itself arouse market clamor, its repercussions branching out almost exclusively on a local scale. Or at least, that would have been the case if Twitter had not exploded with outrage over a technical detail that fueled web discussions: one of the victorious entries was created through the use of an image synthesizing algorithm. Of an artificial intelligence, in short. The incriminated work is the Theatre d'Opera Spatial signed by artist Jason Allen,

Novello Prize, a new logo to look to the future

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Codogno, Dec. 1, 2023 - "The Novello Prize looks to the future. The historic cartoon contest, dedicated to the famous Codogno artist, will be revisited this year thanks to new technologies, also with the intention of reaching a wider and more diverse audience. With this in mind, the updating of the prize's logo could not be missed," says Councillor Silvia Salamina. "The new logo of the award has all the credentials to become a distinctive and recognizable brand everywhere and representative of our city. We have already seen the positive results related to the creation of the logo of

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