Codogno, Dec. 1, 2023 – “The Novello Prize looks to the future. The historic cartoon contest, dedicated to the famous Codogno artist, will be revisited this year thanks to new technologies, also with the intention of reaching a wider and more diverse audience. With this in mind, the updating of the prize’s logo could not be missed,” says Councillor Silvia Salamina.

“The new logo of the award has all the credentials to become a distinctive and recognizable brand everywhere and representative of our city. We have already seen the positive results related to the creation of the logo of the traditional Codogno Fair, which has now become a real “brand.” We are confident of achieving the same results with this restyling,” comments Mayor Francesco Passerini.

“This is the premise with which we are approaching the work of preparing the ninth edition: every aspect of communication, from the style of language to the graphics, has been updated, to achieve an identity in step with the times and homogeneous. For example, we have just sent the engagement letters to the jurors taking care of every graphic aspect and personalizing the text of the invitation: this is part of the elements that build the image of the new competition,” stresses artistic director Elena Verdelli.

“The rethinking of the logo of the International Prize for Humor and Satire dedicated to the Codognese artist Giuseppe Novello is part of the actions to relaunch the competition, also in terms of image. Actualizing it and making it more appealing was a fundamental proceso,” says communications director Stefano Massaro, author of the new logo.

 “I wanted to make it more current and impactful, while respecting its historicity in evoking the era of Giuseppe Novello, through the choice of font thatis reminiscent of those used in the early 1900s,” Massaro continues.

“I kept the handwriting of his signature, which is typically found in his works. The tuba hat, which the artist used to wear, and the pencil, which characterized the old logo, have also been re-proposed stylized and merged, visually and conceptually, into a single symbol that comes to life: the formerly independent elements are now a ‘homino-pencil’ that lifts the hat in a sign of greeting and reverence, ideally representing the figure of Giuseppe Novello. In fact, the logo is also meant to be, as was the case with the creation of the “Fiera brand,” a tribute to him and his art. The head of the hominem is derived from the letter “O” of “prize,” a word I felt obliged to add.”

Concludes Massaro: “As a sort of underline, I wanted to place the words “International humor & satire award” at the end, to give a breath of internationality. The whole was assembled by making the elements coexist harmoniously and following different diagonal lines for each of them in order to give dynamism to the composition. The result is a modern elaborate, but with a slightly retro flavor, institutional and serious, yet playful, a bit like in the spirit of Novello.”